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Chapter 2
The Journey of A Thousand Miles
It was a quiet place, really. Where one would be able to think and reflect. The girl took a moment to look around. She was in some sort of tunnel of greenish light. She did not feel any forces of motion, but she knew she must be traveling quickly.
Suddenly, two forms appeared infront of her, almost giving her a heart attack. They were very old men, both looking to be in their nineties with their long, white beards and simple blue robes. "Milady" said the one on the right, "Now is the time for courage. We have not much time for debate, so listen carefully." His companion spoke up. "You are that which holds back the darkness. She who defends us." The girl stared at them for a moment before asking a logical question. "Do you know my name? "The two smiled and said "Yes" in unison. They did not continue. "Are you going to tell me?" She was getting impatient. "No" They said together, "However, you may choose a name once we arrive in Tokyo. We will accompony you as best we can, Always hiding in plain sight." He took a moment to let that sink it. "You aren't helping me with what I need most!" The girl was feeling frustrated now. "I need to know what's going on! Otherwise I don't think I CAN or WILL help at all!" The man on the left said "We can't tell you because we can't tell you, but we will help you discover it yourself. Besides. Without us, where will you even go from here?" She had no answer to that. The light was fading, and suddenly, she saw what looked like a white light up ahead. "We are nearing the end of the tunnel, so we will explain more once we land" The man on the right spoke the final words she heard before all turned white before her:
"Onward, good lady, but take heed! Of a cold hearted man and a wicked deed.
Truth and Honor you must defend. 'Lest our entire world end."

There was a flash of light and the trio stepped into what looked like an ally in downtown Tokyo.
What suprised them was the fact that someone was already waiting for them.
He was a man who looked like he was in his early thirties and dressed like a stereotypical biker, complete with a heavy leather jacket and sunglasses. For the briefest moment, the four stared at eachother, the mysterious man freezing the girl into place with his blazing red eyes. Then, without warning, he lunged at the old man on the left, screaming as he did so. The elder moved with startling speed as he grabbed the man's shoulders and pushed him face first into the ally wall. The biker, however, was not so easily discouraged. He dropped to his knees, causing the older man to lose his grip, and tried to roll to the right. The second man who had escorted the girl here quickly grabbed the assailant by his neck and gave a tremendous right hook to his face. The biker finally slumped down, unconcious.

The girl stood, staring at what she had thought were two frail old men, when she asked, "How in the WORLD did you do that?" The man who had delivered the knockout blow smiled. "First of all," he said in a businesslike tone. "We have not been introduced properly. My name is Galentus, and my brother here" the other man smiled as well, "goes by the name of Voldric." She was still in shock by the whole event taking place in the span of about thirteen seconds, and managed to ask, "Who was he?" She pointed at the biker whom Galentus had knocked out. "Him?" He asked. "That was one of His Souls. A rather unpleasent lot who are composed of the souls of people who have commited foul deeds and sins." She jumped back as suddenly, the biker became a man-shaped mass of black shadow that melted into the ground with a scream of torture. "What happened?!" She shrieked in alarm. Galentus dropped to one knee as he looked over the spot. "Oh dear." He muttered. "Voldric, explain this while I seal the Breach." He reached into his pocket and took out what looked like a glass vial. He then promptly poured it over the spot where the biker had vanished. The second the contents of the vial made contact with the ground, a violent hissing was heard. "You see," said Voldric, "When a Soul has failed to complete the mission He gives it, that Soul is dragged back down to His domain. The hole left behind is invisible to those untrained to see it, but they must be sealed before something attempts to escape His realm." The girl was awestruck. "But who is He?" Galentus stood up, brushed off his robe, and walked over. "A man(if he is a man anymore) who we must stop. That is all I can tell you for now." The girl reached into her pocket and pulled out the paper that she had read earlier. "Ok." she said carefully, "Who (or what) is Zephyr?" Both Galentus and his brother Voldric grinned when she asked. Together, the said "Actually, that's the interesting part."
My submission to the Odyssey Into 2012 contest.
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