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On A Dime- Part 4
James cleared his throat. "Humanity is at a critical turning point. Nuclear weapons are being developed at alarming rates. Tension in the Middle East is about to go past the point of no return." Kurt raised his hand like a student with a question for a teacher.
"Yes?" He asked with a raised eyebrow.
"What does this have to do with me?" Kurt wanted an answer that didn't have honorifics or dramatic phrases in it.
James said nothing for a moment, then finally sighed and said, "I see there shall be no reasoning with you. Here are the facts. One: You do not truly exist. That life you THOUGHT you had is fiction. In truth, you are a computer program.
Two: You must cooperate with us. We are now the only people who know you as you think you do yourself.
Three: If you do not shut up already we WILL sedate you again."
Kurt could not have been more shocked if this man had struck him across the face. Fiction?Program?!
"I AM NOT A DAMN PROGRAM!!" He screeched. "I'm a person. My name is Kurt Jones. I'm twenty one years old. I attend college at.."
"SILENCE!" With a voice like thunder, James cut off Kurt's frightened babbling.
"Doctor," he said in a weary tone, "If you would please take over."
"Very well." Kurt started at the sound of the older man's voice. He had quite frankly forgotten that Dr.Callahan was even present. "You were designed with an experimental form of Artificial Inteligence two years ago, and the young woman you currently reside in has cybernetic implants in her brain. Medical science cannot combine two people, but COMPUTER science can!"
There was a silence that lasted about 15 seconds that the elderly doctor broke only by using his inhaler.
"I-I thought you were a medical doctor." Kurt managed to whisper.
"I am," came the reply,"But Mr. Murdock here is the computer scientist. His staff normally handles this, but he wanted to do it personally."
"And what do I do now? What about my friends? Family? My..?" He choked on the last word, unable to say 'girlfriend.' How could she ever love him now? How could his own family? Or friends? Nobody knew who he was!
"Ah," Dr. Callahan tsked,"That's where it gets interesting."
End of Part 4
I decided to pick up my story again. I will have more soon!
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March 7, 2012
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