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On A Dime- Part 8
By  MountainMan246

Dr. Callahan was wringing his hands as he walked into James's office. The desk had been removed and the doctor was surprised to see his superior in the middle of fencing practice against a stationary target. In his hand was a steel blade that was thin and fast, an Espada Ropera, if he was remembering the term correctly. The target, a blood-filled ballistics dummy, was already bleeding from precise cuts and thrusts through the major arteries. With a final slash, the dummy's head was removed from the shoulders.
"Ah, Dr. Callahan!" James grinned as he saw the older man standing in the doorway. "Please come in. We have much to talk about." With a small cloth, he wiped the stains off his blade, but didn't sheath it.
"Mr. Murdock, sir let me first state that I take full responsibility for the loss of Subject Aplha. I-" The good doctor was cut off as James put his hand on his shoulder. "My good man, I don't know why you're so worked up. Everything went according to plan." Seeing confusion bloom in Dr. Callahan's eyes, he elaborated. "That hallway outside her room was lined with hidden cameras and motion sensors. Do you know what we found upon examining her escape?" He turned on a tv sitting on a table, but upon it's activation showed only static that began the second the footage showed the door of the hospital room creaking open. "Nothing!" He smiled broader to the point of it almost looking painful. "She deactivated every camera by being in it's presence. Not consciously, as the humanity program in her would believe, but by the mind of my own flesh and blood as she triggered her higher brain functions."
"And..and the guards, sir?" "Hmm? Ah I almost forgot." Swinging the sword like a cane in an old fashioned movie, James pressed a buzzer on the wall. Without more than a few seconds delay, five men filed into the room. Like the man who died trying to stop Kurt, they wore no uniforms as they had been thugs hired off the street.
"Gentleman, I regret to inform you that your service to me is no longer required. You were hired to test the escape abilities of my precious Subject Alpha."
One of the men, his head shaven but sporting a full goatee, stepped forward. "So our fucking friend Ian was a bullet monkey?" He made no attempt to cover the anger in his voice. "And now we're fired without getting paid? Uh-uh. That isn't how it's going down." Without warning, all five thugs pulled guns from their coat pockets as the bald man aimed a revolver right between his former employer's eyes. "Now pay up and maybe we wont shoot you mother fuckers."
James only smiled, but in the time it took to blink there was suddenly fresh blood on the sword in his hand. A heartbeat passed...then another..and finally the bald thug's hand simply fell away from his wrist, gun and all. He screamed as he fell to his knees, clutching the stump of his wrist as the rest of his friends simply unloaded at the crazy asshole with the sword.
Blood spat out from James's back as round after round ripped into him, but he didn't even look phased by it. When each pistol clicked empty, his eyes took on a wild look.
"My turn."
He moved faster than a human being should have been able to, the blade of the Espada Ropera flashing like lightning as he began a dance of death. He moved around each man and, upon leaving each respective gunman, arms and heads fell away from torsos. Finally, it was just him and the bald thug, who looked up at James as though he was some form of holy punishment. "The fuck are you?" he asked weakly, blood loss taking it's toll.
"I am He who shall cleanse the Earth in fire." Dr. Callahan looked away as he couldn't maintain his stony faced expression. He always hated it when his boss did this to those he deemed 'expendable'.
The light catching the blade in a brilliant white flash of steel was the last thing the injured man ever saw.
But in all seriousness, I am finally off hiatus. I've graduated high school and begin college next month. I'll need something to do to keep my sanity in check as I do school work, and I think this is just what the doctor ordered.
I marked this segment as only 'moderate' violence/gore as I don't go into a lot of detail about what's going on, but I kept the warning just to be safe. I will re-upload if there are any issues. I dedicate this chapter to the Soviet SuperWoman! A good talk with this outstanding deviatART user inspired me to get in gear once again!
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Submitted on
July 11, 2014
Mature Content